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September 30th was a beautiful and touching tribute on our final day at FYC. I heard so many people say "if these walls could talk" or " There are so many Ohms in the walls" or "all the love and peace locked in the walls" But the truth is, so much like the final scene in the movie Ghost, that bright light comes for him and he says "Its amazing, all the love inside, you get to take it with you" Nothing could be more true for all of us..that bright light is inside of all of us and we do get to keep it with us..now and always.. Spread the love, pay it forward and nurture that light ! Keep your eyes on our FB and Instagram. 3 West Main may be gone but you may not have heard the last of FYC. With love and gratitude,peace and light we thank you all!


























The Freehold Yoga Center has been a haven of peace, harmony and spirituality for Yoga students since its opening in 1986.

Our center is steeped in yogic tradition and encompasses two floors in a historic building in downtown Freehold. The center houses two large classrooms as well as our beautiful meditation room which provides sanctuary and a quiet, welcoming room for all who wish to practice meditation.  Please view Photo Gallery for pictures of our Asana rooms.

Students will find themselves immersed in the traditional, peaceful atmosphere and surroundings of a center which follows the Sivananda Yoga Style of instruction.


We offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Yoga Classes:

In 2016, the Freehold Yoga Center celebrated 30 years of yoga instruction in Monmouth County, NJ. We offer yoga classes seven days a week for all levels from Beginner Yoga Courses to special Yoga workshops. Our philosophy at the Center is that anyone can do yoga. If you can breathe, you can do yoga. We offer expert instruction in our Beginner Yoga classes so that upon completion, you can easily move to an intermediate yoga class or open class.

We focus on the core aspects that define Yoga, the union of body, mind and spirit. Pranayama (breathing techniques), Savasana (relaxation) and Asana (postures) being the core components of our teaching. Beyond Asana practice, we offer Meditation, Satsang, Restorative Yoga, Special Workshops and lectures on Yoga philosophy.

More than a place to practice, you will find that the Center will become your home, your safe haven, your sanctuary and retreat.

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