Yoga Teacher Training


**200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program**



What is Yoga Teacher Training?

Freehold Yoga Center has been a haven of peace and harmony for spiritual aspirants and yoga students since its opening in 1986.  The Center has brought the teachings of yoga to thousands of students since then.  With growing interest in Yoga and healthy, harmonious living, we have designed this Teacher Training Certification course to allow all interested students to experience the richness and depth of a yogic lifestyle.  No experience is needed.  The course is open to beginners and advanced students alike.

The Teachers Training program is designed to give each student a direct, inner personally transformative experience of the essence of yoga.  This will allow each trainee to teach yoga with integrity, sensitivity and understanding.  This course is open to all regardless of creed, belief or religion as Yoga is a universal, all-embracing, trans-cultural, spiritual practice.  Freehold Yoga Center Teacher Training is a complete immersion into the universal practices of Yoga in all of its aspects; physical, mental, ethical and spiritual.


Our program follows in the tradition of Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda and the following 5 points of Yoga:

Asana - Proper Exercise

Pranayama - Proper Breathing

Savasana - Deep Relaxation

Proper Diet -  Vegetarian

Vedanta - Meditation & Mantra


Course Content:

  • Asana-Postures: Learn proper ways to instruct and execute each posture, along with all their spiritual and energetic benefits. Understand the basic class structure of Pranayama, Asana and Relaxation.  Tailor classes for special needs groups, seniors and Prenatal Yoga.
  • Pranayama:  In depth instruction on techniques and effects of the practice of Pranayama including Full Yogic Breath, Kapalabhati and Anuloma Viloma.
  • Proper nutrition and diet: Learn cleansing practices (Kriyas) and the components of a vegetarian Yogic diet. We adhere to this diet at all functions, including weekend intensives and the February class retreat.
  • Meditation and Mantras:  Meditation and Mantras are an integral part of the Yogic experience.  Numerous scientific studies have shown what Yoga philosophers have long espoused; that meditation reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, calms the body and and slows the aging process.  Each student will have the opportunity to learn and explore the techniques behind the ancient,  profound practice of meditation. During the last phase of training, a naming ceremony will be conducted whereby students will have the opportunity to be given a spiritual name and their own personal mantra.     
  • Yoga Philosophy and History:  As a holistic and non-dogmatic approach to healthy living, Yoga trains the body, soothes the nerves, purifies the mind and heart and allows us to be fully present.  Moving beyond physical aspects, students gain an understanding of the origins of this ancient art and science through lectures on Chakras, Raja Yoga, the 8 Limbed Path, Deities, World Religions and more.
  • Anatomy and Physiology: 6 lectures centered on the major body systems.  Learn of the functions, benefits and contraindications of each system as they relate to Yoga practice and technique.


Instruction:  Lecture and Class instructions will be conducted by head instructors


Class Schedule:

  • None at this time



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